Events to Learn from–3 Unusual Gift Incidents

Over the years, the art of gift giving has evolved immensely; however, that doesn’t mean people have captured the art.

Quite the contrary, actually.

Grab a pen and paper and start taking notes—here are three events that prove the art of gift giving is indeed no more:

Cringe #1: “If you didn’t find a gift, don’t give a gift

The first of the cringe worthy stories of terrible gift giving goes to a grandmother who had a not-so-favorite grandchild.

Imagine your grandmother coming in for a visit, it’s always great and they always bring gifts along with them! This grandma, however, had something different in mind. While everyone happily unwrapped their presents, one child received a very unusual gift indeed: a pineapple wrapped in newspaper. Yes, that happened. This grandma definitely joined the “not so favorite grandmother” of the month club!

Cringe #2: “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine”

Everyone has been in the position where they let someone borrow their items and never got it back.

Whether its shoes, clothes, pens etc.—if they borrow it, they own it. This sort of becomes an unspoken rule.

Here’s an incident that took that notion a little overboard:

A woman let her friend borrow a jacket one fine day.

Of course, the borrowed item automatically becomes the borrower’s possession but the friend probably thought it to be true.

Fast forward to two years down the lane, the holiday season comes up. Generosity is on its peak and the friend beautifully wraps up a present for the woman. Upon unwrapping it turned out to be the same jacket she had borrowed!

Cringe #3: “All you need is love”

The final incident just proves how re-gifting should be avoided like the plague! Even if you’re doing it, try to do it right.

That means remembering who gave you what as a present so you don’t give it back. Here’s an incident that’ll teach you something:

At a bachelorette party, the to-be-bride receives a present from another newlywed friend. Unwrap it to find a beautifully carved vase which might have been unbelievably expensive but looked oddly familiar. It wasn’t until the tag fell out which said it was from the bride-to-be. That marks the start of quite an awkward friendship!

This just goes to show you, if you don’t put in the effort, you’ll have to face the challenge! To avoid situations like these, visit our website and check out the wide collection of gift items available. We have everything from personalized wine accessories to other customized gift items.

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