New Year’s Night In A Gift Basket

You’re all prepped up. You’ve planned your New Year’s Eve.

You know exactly where you will be spending those final countdown moments, popping a bottle of champagne open and dancing all night!

With Christmas gone, you can’t wait to celebrate New Year’s and enter 2018 with a bang!

But wait, have you decided what gift you’re getting your buddies and family members?

New Year’s is a perfect excuse to exchange gifts. Gift baskets are a fun and creative alternative to the typical flowers and bottle gift. After all, who can possibly resist the lavish basket, brimming with the indulgent goodies!

Here are a few ideas to give someone a fabulous gift basket this New Year.

Wine Pairing Collection

For a wine lover, this is paradise! Is there absolutely anything better than giving someone who happens to be a wine enthusiast a wine pairing collection?

Set a basket with their choice of wines and gourmet treats that go with each wine. And to add a little twist to it, add personalized wine glasses, you can have a special date or memory engraved on the glass.

Organic Basket

Organic is a new world regime. Everyone has had enough of the processed products and loves the organic products. For anyone you know who happens to be health conscious and love organic stuff, this is a great idea. Add organic fruit, nuts, chocolates or juices. Organic, irresistible and fresh!

Sweet & Salty Savory

Winter has only just started; there are plenty of cozy nights to come by and all you want is hot chocolates and treats by your side.

It will make a perfect gift for your friends and family, especially someone who you know loves impressive gourmet snacks. You can add cookie bars, crackers, dips and sauces, pretzels and much more. Fill it to the brim and make a truly one of a kind package.

Chocolate Indulgence

What is better than chocolate? A little more chocolate!

You have hundreds of options to opt from to make this basket truly worth it. A true winter indulgence gift, in fact you will be missed when your loved one savors this treat while enjoying winter nights. From creamy and sweet to spicy and savory, a gourmet chocolate gift basket is a gift that is easy to enjoy and fun to open!

Spa Basket

A lot can happen in a year—New Year calls for some self-indulgence. A luxury your loved one will be thanking you for a long time!

A collection of high-end spa products such as soothing scrub, aromatic oils, fragrant bath essentials, scented candles, organic soaps or spa tools makes a perfect gift. Add an endearing note to show your love with few words and give a New Years a relaxing and fun start.

Enjoy a New Year’s Eve with a Lovely Basket!

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