5 Most Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day!

valentine idea gift

Valentine’s Day—all about roses, hearts, cards and chocolates. They’re almost synonymous with the day.

How about stepping out of the norm a little? Breaking the status quo, with some personalized gifts that convey love, admiration and thoughtfulness.

Instead of panicking last minute about what to get and where to dine, how about some early planning.

If you’ve just DTR’ed or have been together for years, Valentine’s Day can be touchy. The whole planning and shopping can be a bit overwhelming. To save you from the ordeal, we have shortlisted few gifts that might prove helpful.

Is Your Bae Tech Savvy?

No, we are not talking about going all out and getting expensive tech.

How about Polaroid camera to enjoy the printed photos on-the-go? Or smart watches, if your bae is all about keeping in touch; or you could always consider power bank, phone projector, HP sprocket—there is a world to opt from!

Think it through and get them something that shows how much you pay attention to them and appreciate their likes.

Is Your Significant Other A Wine Enthusiast?

Valentine’s Day, just like several other occasions, is a perfect excuse for some bubbles—plenty of bubbles!

You can get a wine set, which includes tools to pop open a bottle, bottle space to store a choice of bottle, and wine glasses that you can get engraved. You also have an option to get a personalized flask which is bound to make it a bit more special.

Is Your Bae A Fashionista?

If your significant other looks like a million bucks every time they get dressed, their walk-in closet is probably larger than their room. They wear nothing but the best labels. They rule the “fashion” realm.

There are hundreds of things you can probably get them—a silk dress, heels, a tie or suit, but really, won’t it be just another addition to their hundred other stuff?

Take it up a notch and monogram it. You can be sure that there is nothing like a LV silk scarf with her initial on it or a silk Burberry tie with his initials. 2018 is all about personalization and adding this personal element means your gift is there to stay.

Are You Looking For Budget Friendly Idea?

You can get several budget friendly presents for your lover. How about a love note; mason jars with hundred reasons why you love them; a custom-made coffee mug?

For each gift you come across, have it customized to make it a little “extra”.

Engrave Your Love

2018 is all about customization, engrave your love in meaningful words, memorable dates or quotes. What’s better than a present that reminds your beloved of your time together for a long time?

Impression Personalized offers engraving services on all products. You’ll have no trouble expressing your sentiments through your gifts. In addition, we have a variety of flasks, pocket knives, decanters, glasses and even wooden plaques.

Go ahead and splurge on your beloved with our help, and show your bae how much you love them.

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