3 V-Day Gifts Your Boyfriend Won’t Admit He Wants!

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Just a few days left before Valentine’s Day arrives—a day we wait almost all year for, especially when you are hopelessly in love…

It’s that time of the year when we plan a romantic, quiet, 4-course dinner, a party, movie date and especially a gift—all for one reason alone: to express our undying love for our partner!

If you really want to make this V-day special for your boyfriend, try not to delay it till 13th of Feb.  Consider these awesome ideas below and add a pinch of customization to make it unique:

Love What He Loves

Don’t you just love it when your man books tickets for a chick-flick movie you only just mentioned in passing how you really wanted to see…now reverse that.

Give him something he really wants, even if you don’t approve of it. How about a turntable Record player if he loves to enjoy a classic number or a flask he can carry around?

Acceptance is the best way to express your love. Accepting his hobbies, things he loves and enjoys most is probably the best way to show your love. And of course make it special by customization—after all, 2018 is all about personalization!

Love Notes

You know all those cute mason jars filled with papers expressing “100 reasons why I love you” might be oh so cliché, but it speaks volumes.

If you are not creative with words or just don’t have that much time, consider printing love quotes from famous writers or poems that reflects your love, and have them framed or e-mail them just like Mr. Big did for Carrie.

You might squirm at this notion but really, we all want “sentiment”, “cliché” and “cheesy” all in big letters when it comes to V-day.

Go classic and write the letter yourself, post-mail it to his workplace or give him at a candlelit dinner. You know what makes it so special? Because everyday affirmations become run-of-the-mill, a well thought-out love note has that special element to it which reaffirms the love you have for him.

You can also have this love engraved in a plaque which he can display in his room or maybe at work, as a constant reminder of you.

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Gifts You Both Can Enjoy

It’s all about you two today. Make it special by celebrating all the moments you have spent together.

Think about a day in where you both enjoy a glass of wine in the wine glasses engraved to perfection or a classy wine gift with a most special date or a memory. Or are you more tech savvy? Why not get a mini phone projector or a VR headset?

What is a better gift than one which is bound to create even more fun memories?

If you are looking to get personalized gifts for your bae this valentine’s day, look no further. Try Impression Personalized. They have a wide range of personalized gifts for him, including plaque, cocktail shaker, wine tool set or customized flasks—things your boyfriend, husband and lover REALLY want!

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