Upgrade Your Home Bar with Drink Ware

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If you like relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of the day, then your habit needs a home—a home bar, that is!

Dedicate a space for your bar. Usually they are located in the area between the kitchen and dining rooms, but you can also utilize your basement or living room for this purpose. Keep in mind that your bar will require a cooler, sink, refrigerator, and water and electric supply. Once you are done with the location get ready to indulge in a luxurious wine collection and accessories.

Storage Space

Wine drinking requires a complete package—the glass, the aroma, the light, and lastly the setting. These factors enable your wine to attain its full flavor. Therefore, you need to provide the right storage conditions for your wine collection. Poor handling of bottles or glassware can cost you your favorite wine or expensive crystal.

Be proud; showcase your wine, accessories, and glassware collection in built-in cabinets and shelves. Your cabinets should display your wine collection in a stately manner. You can add a professional look to your bar by adding a bar glass rack on the top. To create the right atmosphere, decorate your bar with dim lights and a low hanging lamp. The setting, lights, and aesthetic will add on to your bar-experience.

Freestanding Bar

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If you don’t want to go into the nitty-gritty of planning and painting then invest in a freestanding bar. You can easily purchase them if you have sufficient space in your home. They are equipped with all the essential of a bar such as, water, cabinets, and counters.

Counter Tops

If you like making and serving drinks then you will need ample amount of counter space and a good cocktail shaker. If you add water supply to your bar then you can serve drinks faster.

Moreover, these counter tops are useful when you throw a party. People can gather and socialize at your bar, while appreciating your drink-making skills.

Sitting Space

A bar is incomplete without a drinking-buddy. Make sure you can entertain guests at your bar. Provide ample space and adequate seating arrangements for people to socialize. You can add the traditional bar stools, or if you want to save space, rearrange your current seating arrangement of chairs and couch to face the bar.

Appliances For Your Bar

A functioning bar requires the presence of a wine cooler, small refrigerator, ice, and a small sink. To make your bar mobile around the house you can invest in a bar cart. This way you can serve your best liquor anywhere around the house!

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Glassware and Accessories

A home bar requires commitment, so you need to restock you liquor supply and keep your glassware gleaming at all time. To set your bar apart from others, you can get personalized glassware. By adding an initial to each accessory or glassware you are attaching exclusivity to your bar. Don’t forget to invest in coasters to protect your shiny counter tops from wine rings.

We can help you re-vamp your home bar with our elegant wine glassware and accessories collection. Impression Personalized can provide your bar with customized wine tool sets, coasters, and glassware. We have a wide variety of wine, whiskey and beer glasses for your indulgence, just browse through our catalog to find the perfect match for your bar.

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