Father’s Day Gifts Ideas – 2018 Edition

Father’s Day Gifts Ideas 2018

Even though your good ol’ dad has told you a dozen times that he doesn’t want a gift for Father’s Day, you know he’s secretly wishing that you ignore his request and get him a present anyway.

It’s just how parents are.

And since you’re going to do exactly that, we decided to make things a little easier for you – shopping wise – and give you a list of personalized gifts online from Impression Personalized to choose from!

1. Stainless Steel Flask in Faux Leather

With a storage capacity of 5 oz, this gorgeous stainless steel flask in faux leather casing is a classic dad choice. With its sheer beauty and polish, the flask is just inconspicuous enough to be stored in your pocket or in a briefcase. Not to mention that with a price of $24.99, it’s not too expensive for your taste either.

2. Brown Leather Wallet

Every dad needs a gorgeous leather wallet. With its white out-stitching and sheer leather quality, this beautiful brown leather wallet is quite elegant in its look and is made of durable enough to be used for a long period of time.

Hand-crafted by experts, the wallet will be a fitting replacement for the old one your dad has been carrying around.

3. Wooden Handle Pocket Knife

This one is for the independent dad. Designed to fold into a small pocket-size knife, this wood handle knife boasts superior engineering and a quality design. Sporting a stainless steel blade, attached to a stylish wood grain handle, the knife is easy to use, and durable.

4. Barrel Holder Wine Tools Set

Barrel Holder Wine Tools Set

Any man who appreciates a fine glass of wine will love this particular tool set. Its lustrous finish and glossy look gives a certain classic edge to the set. Specially designed to give a rustic yet modern look, the barrel won’t look out of place in their home. The tools available in the set include a foil cutter, a pour spout, stopper and a corkscrew, all attached to the wine barrel.

5. Crystal Whisky Decanter

Heads-up: your dad might think you’re trying to butter him up for something, once he sees this gorgeous crystal whisky decanter. With its cross-hatched design and sturdy construction, this decanter simply screams class and quality. For added benefit, buy your pa’s favorite whisky and make this gift even more enjoyable for them!

Buy Them All from Impression Personalized!

Impression Personalized has another trick up our sleeve!

If you really want to make these gifts special, you can go one step further and have them personalized with their name, or even a small quote. Offering engraving services on all products on the website, we help make your gifts more special, all for a nominal price.

So go ahead and choose a gift now. Father’s Day is fast approaching!

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